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Say goodbye to cramps!
without any side effects


Do you suffer from painful abdominal cramps before / on your period?


3 warming thermo patches can help you from the first pain! 

The air-reactive materials in the patch emit beneficial heat of 45-50 degrees Celsius for up to 10-12 hours after opening.

The warming healing effect emanating from the patch helps with:

relieving menstrual pains;

postpartum regeneration;

alleviating pain after medical operations;


reducing cold symptoms;

relieving lower abdominal and lower back pains;

How to use it?

1. After opening, remove the paper from the back of the patch so that the adhesive side is in contact with air.​

2. Stick the patch in your underwear, above the painful part (above your waist or around your lower abdomen). It is important that the adhesive side of the patch sticks to your underwear and not to your skin!

3. After opening, the patch reaches its final temperature within 15-20 minutes in contact with air.

It stimulates local blood circulation through its warming effect.

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