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How to remove the menstrual cup:

When the intimate cup is already full, probably a mild,similar to sealingyou will experience bleeding.


Just like when a traditional tampon gets soaked. It is therefore also worth adding to the menstrual cup for the sake of safety to protect the underwearwearing a thin sanitary pad. 

Along with the Biointimo Aqua Cup menstrual cup, we automatically packed one also a mini washable sanitary pad, which


goes with any underwear,


woven with bamboo carbon fiber,

easy to wash and dries quickly


Click on the insert image!

Biointimo Aqua Cup and the little black

So with the cupalways safeyou can feel

and you can also try what it's like

greeneror even

completely waste-freeto be on menstruation

or on the other days of your cycle.

🚫NO exchanges!

🚫You DO NOT have to keep a replacement tampon or cup with you! 

🚫 DO NOT rinse frequently!

What is really fantastic about the Biointimo AQUA Cup intimate cup is thatyou don't even have to deal with it all day!It is enough to rinse out in the morning at the tap and in the evening in the shower. 


THEits high capacity (SIZE1: 28 ml; SIZE2: 35 ml) andof medical silicone material thanks to it, for moderate or weaker bleeding, even all dayit can be completely safe insidein the vagina.

Naturallyit is recommended to rinse with soap and water every 4-6 hours if possible, but if you don't manage to do this, or if your bleeding is already less and you can only do your small and big things all day in a dull public toilet,you don't have to take the cup out!


You can easily go to the toilet with it several times without having to worry about how you are going to take it out.relax.It's like you don't even have your period! ;)

Of course, the opposite is also true: az Aqua Cup menstrual intimate cup

on a day of any strength,


however many times you can also clean it as and when you like, and it can go back into the sleeve!


This menstrual cup is easy to clean and is always with you, or rather inside you, like thisyou don't have to keep extra tampons with you or worry about when you'll run out of them. 

When you start cleaning, thatthe long load capacity of the chalicethanks to anddepending on the current strength of your bleedingYou can decide almost at will. 


Your cup will safely wait for you in any situationcomfortably at homeyou can start cleaning. 

Here's the technique:

For removing and cleaning the menstrual cup

just for soap

on water,

and you need some solitude.

IMPORTANT: Never try to pull out the cup with a single movement and especially not by the stem (pulling), because it can be uncomfortable because of the vacuum!

Always dent the cup by holding the grip rings at the bottom!

1. Wash your hands andsit on the toilet with a wide spread, stand astride or  squat,  whichever is more comfortable.

2. Never pull the pull rod, but amenstrual ring top of the calyx with two new onespinch it hard and thenpull it down carefully and move it to the right and leftobsessionspin it aroundthe chalice,to release the vacuum effect.

Így vedd ki kelyhet!

3. If you don't make itthe menstrual cup because it moved up,no problem! Relax, then breathe deeply andwith one or more strong abdominal pressesput the glass down!


Meanwhile, reach up into the vagina with two fingers as high as you can! The silicone cup with a smooth surface will slide down, where you can easily pinch its tip.

4. Ifthe vacuum has already been released, and you hold the cup with a firm grip, then you can carefully pull it down and out of the sleeve!

5. If you have already pulled the Aqua Cup out of the sleeve, hold it vertically and lower it into your palm!

6. It can comerinse with soap and water or thecleaning without water, which with a little routine will be as much time as if you were only changing tampons/pads.


The clean intimate bedyou don't need to wipe it with anything, do not apply anything to its surface. After cleaning it wet, it can go back to its place in the sleeve! 

bactrium stop.png

How is it different from a tampon?

An important difference is thatthe Aqua Cup menstrual cup does not absorb the valuable vaginal flora, so it does not dry out the vagina;


it does not disintegrate in acidic media and body heat.


There are no unpleasant odors after 10-12 hours of continuous indoor use.


This is a sign that it is in an intimate chalice collected blood is completely safe in the chalice even after half a day.

How is it safe even for half a day?! 

Material of AQUA Cup menstrual cup medical silicone,which  bacteria resistantandwater repellentcharacteristic, therefore


on its surfacethe bacteria cannot proliferate long enough, nor to feed on its material.

Since the chalicefixed with a gentle vacuumin the vagina, thisexcludes air from the chalice, the presence of which unfortunately initiates and accelerates the decomposition processes of blood in pads and tampons. However, in the chalice, the blood does not come into contact with the air,


therefore miraculouslyno unpleasant smells even after 10-12 hours inside!And the blood in the chalice does not decompose, but only coagulates. 

A very clean pleasant feeling and last but not leasta much drier and odorless experience as wellthe Biointimo Aqua Cup intimately eases menstruation, because it frees you from the discomfort associated with tampon inserts.  

What are you paying attention to?

The intimate calyx "only" collects the blood and it closes it from the vaginal wall, but since it is flexible, solid medical silicone, it does not absorb any moisture like cotton and synthetic tampons.

For this reason  even if your cup works perfectly,the remains of blood trapped in the vaginal folds, -which come down to the area around the vaginal entrance during the flushes, they can easily land on your underwear and thethey can give the appearance of a leak,if you don't remove them.

You can use the vagina-friendly one next to the Biointimo Aqua Cup intimate cup20 dbos of Biointimo LADIES intimate lactic acid wipes, with which you can not only clean your glass without water, but also refresh yourself! While stocks last!

az orvosi szilikon miért biztonságos
Cup with wipes .png

TIP:If the chalice is already in it again, wipe the vaginal entrance around the tip of the cup with a lactic acid sanitary napkin!


You can remove a lot of blood residue with this, and thendry freshness without blood stains is guaranteed for many hours!

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