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The Litttle Black mosható tisztasági betét

"Little Black"
for every occasion!

12x25 cm, mini washable cloth pantyliner;

Set of 3

the most modern materials: 

  • bamboo carbon fiber upper layer,

  • microfiber internal absorbent layer,

  • PUL waterproof bottom pattern layer;

twistable to dry material;

No plastic waste pollution -

all your days of your cycle are zero waste !

thin, comfortable wear with snap - fixed  to the bottom of the underwear

fluffy, grayish black, breathable bamboo carbon fiber with upper moisture wicking layer;
less sweating - drier comfort;
microfiber inner absorbent layer -greater absorbtion compared to a traditional sanitary pad;
effective underwear protection for milder or spotty bleeding
PUL bottom waterproof layer -for greater protection of the underwear
easily fitted into thongs and smaller panties
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Fun Lingerie Model
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the used insert fits in a case, holder or nylon bag; takes the smallest space.


That way, it leaves your bag without odors


it waits for you to rinse it off with a quick soapy hand wash at home.

The blood is most easily removed without a stain by first rinsing it with cold water.

Then you can even rinse with hot water. 


there is no polluting plastic waste;

you do not consume more water or more chemicals by a washing it, because 

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the cloth pad can be rinsed stain-free by a single hand wash with liquid soap and dries very quickly. 

How to change in public

Fold in the lower and upper halves of the used pad- with the showy part inwards,
fold the wings over it, and
snap the pad
in the middle into this folded shape!
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Just a quick 
soapy rinse,
drying for a few hours,
and you can use it again!
you can also wash it with your other underwear and towels in the washing machine!

You can buy it in our webshop:

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Pamper yourself with the extra-thin softness of bamboo fiber every day!

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