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hol van a méhnyakad?

Where is your cervix?

Hogyan mérd a méhnykad?

How to shoot the position of your cervix?

Here is the cervical measurement technique in the picture!

With this you can measure whether there is enough space in the vagina for the Aqua Cup menstrual cup.

The length of the chalice is given.
Your size is individual and only yours! ;)
From the small opening at the top of the cervix afrom the mouth of the beemenstrual blood is discharged.

In order for the Aqua Cup menstrual cup to be able to catch the blood,it must be completely  below the cervix, or therim around the cervixmust fit.
THEBiointimo Aqua Cup menstrual intimate cup both sizesthe tall cervix- for height(5.5 cm and above) and normal   vaginal muscles are best suited.
magas méhnyak magasság .png

The medium height(between 3.5-5.5 cm) both sizes of the Aqua Cup can be perfectly comfortable,if  the shape of the cervix is directly pointed -ieit does not bend towards the vaginal wall, so the rim of the chalicet can be pushed up around it into the vaginal vault without az  hitting it.

The intimate chaliceeverythingg is well in place if you don't feel it in the same way as a tampon.

The Aqua Cup menstrual cup is not for you if your cervix is lower than 3.5 cm!

Instead of the classic elongated V shape, look for a bell-shaped, shorter cup! 

Dimensions of the Aqua Cup menstrual cup

Size 1 with stem 8.1 cm

Biointimo Aqua-Tampon Size 1

Size 2 including stem is 8.3 cm 

Biointimo Aqua-Tampon SIZE2 mérete
The stem is cut from the stem
the length of cup 1 is 5.4 cm,
and the 2nd one is 5.6 cm long, 
therefore, in both sizes, the body of the cup itself is quite long. For this reason, this is the cup for the majorityit is most comfortable without a stem.:

If you completely cut off the stem of the chalice, nothing will hang out that could disturb you, and you will be able to reach the lower tip of the chalice very easily even without a stem. It is difficult for him to climb up, and he cannot disappear with this length!
Tip: Lower or medium cervix (between 3-5 cm) ha turn it inside out, you can shorten the length of the calyx body by a few mm, andbell shape you can get it from the V-shaped cup, which is more comfortable for lower-positioned cervixes.
Kifordítva némiképp harag alakot ölt!
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