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against bacteria and free radicals 



perfume without additives 

neutralizes odors

it exsists everywhere in the environment
neutralizes harmful free radicals and reduces the growth of bacteria
prevents the rapid formation of unpleasant odours


Anion in nature 


The anion an atomic component of a negatively charged air particle,which in smaller or larger quantities, it is present everywhere in nature.


Under normal circumstances, air molecules are neutral. In certain situations ionization sources are comming into operation ,e.g. a lightning strike in nature.


Then, due to the impact of energy, each air molecule can lose some electrons, among those that orbit around its nucleus.


These detach free electrons having a negative charge, and may combine with other neutral air molecules.

This is how the negatively charged anion is created. 



Beneficial effects of negatively charged anion component:


  • negative charge is able to neutralize positive free radicals that are harmful to the human body, thereby

  • it can reduce the effects of stress, 

  • inhibits the growth of bacteria,

  • reduces the formation of unpleasant odors,

  • thereby provides a pleasant feeling of well-being.

  • The more we stay in a natural environment in the open air, the more we get from these benefits.


The effect of harmful  positive free radicals


If the environment is highly polluted, -e.g. the surface of an ordinary sanitary pad full with decomposing blood is also like this 


the proportion of positive ions is much higher than than of anions


Positive particles collide with each other and create even larger particles.


 The larger "overweight" positive particles' number increases, the number of anions decreases, the balance of ions becomes upset. 


If harmful free radicals accumulate in the air and can cause various feelings of discomfort, headaches, and tension.


What causes an excess of positive free radicals?


  • air pollution

  • oxidation processes (e.g. decomposition processes of organic substances, initiation of blood decomposition processes)

  • too much artificial lightelectrical devices' continuous radiation

In Biointimo pads there are negatively charged anions implanted in a chip chip which have a strong attractive effect to the harmful radicals. 

They attract and neutralize the harmful positively charged free radical particles produced during the decomposition processes of the blood and vaginal charge. 


Therefore a cleaner zone is created on the surface of the pad. 

 It is laboratory proven that there are less bacterial growth on the Biointimo pads, than on other ordinary pads. 


Less organic matter participates in blood decomposition processes on the surface of Biointimo pads, thus


there is not enough medium for the rapid proliferation of bacteria.


The pad also has a mild antimicrobial effect, which  reduces the number of exisitng bacteria and slightly neutralize unpleasant odors. 

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Biointimo anionic menstrual pads

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