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How to insert:


At first glance, many people think that it ishow does this "huge" stuff get in there. 

Good news thatvery easy!

In the short videos here, you can see how small it can be folded

the Aqua Cup menstrual cup.

így helyezd be!


Relax, and lower yourself into a half-squat position with a slightly wider spread.


Here you can see how you can e.g.

into a "needle" shape so narrow fold  the cup so you can easily put it on: 

Or here is another popular and quick method,

the"C" folding:

Experiment with which drive formsuits you best!


Carefully push the folded cup into the sleeve. The top of the chalice should be approximately one index finger's distance from the vaginal opening, when you let go. Then it will open and the flexible silicone rim will fit perfectly to the shape of your vagina. (Yes: the sleeve widens inside like a funnel, so it can even reach a diameter of 3.5 cm.) 


MYTH:the sleeve is not a straight tube, as many imagine, but bends back inside and widens. For this reason, it cannot be "expanded" by the devices designed for it: (e.g. geisha ball, pessary, silicone cup tampons, etc.


From the entrance approx. do not push it higher than an index finger's distance!This will make it very easy to reach when pulling out.


Secure the vacuum by turning it slightly to the side or by pulling it back and check it: if the bottom of the calyx tip forms a nice regular circle, then the mouth of the calyx fits perfectly to the wall of the sleeve! By the way, the presence of the chalice is the sameyou won't feel itlike a cotton tampon, since there are not many sensory nerves in the inner wall of the vagina.


After a couple of practice sessionsfeel free to cut it off completely a drawbar! In this way, nothing sticks out of the sleeve, which can get dirty and disturb your comfort.


Without panties, or even in a thongyou can safely menstruate, because this way the presence of the tampon will be completely imperceptible and invisible! 


Do not worry,even without a pull rod, you can always push the tampon out/within reach even with a firmer abdominal press, as the silicone surface can slide slightly up and down in the vagina.

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