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Biointimo Aqua Cup menstrual cup size 2.png

If it is already activeyou have a sex life

If you have already given birth naturally and the birth(s)change(s).  brought on the intimate  body area

Anyin intimate allergyyou suffer, which is probably caused by a tampon/pad,

Ratherstronger-moreyour menstrual bleeding.

In addition:

THE Biointimo Aqua Cup menstrual intimate cup both sizesfor high cervical height (5.5 cm and above) and for normal or stronger vaginal musclesfits best. 


it can also be perfectly comfortable for a medium-high (between 3.5-5.5 cm) cervixboth sizes,if  


the shape of the cervixstraight up top -i.e. it does not bend towards the vaginal wall-,so the rim of the cup can be pushed up around the cervix into the vaginal vault without it hitting the cervix.

If the chalice is long or uncomfortable,cut off the trailing stem completelyandtranslate it too!Not only upside downshorter, but also bell-shapedwill be the intimate cup, which is even more suitable for a medium-high, lower-standing cervix.

bell Aqua 2.jpg

The Aqua Cup menstrual cup is not for you if your cervix is lower than 3.5 cm!

Instead of the classic elongated V shape, look for a bell-shaped, shorter cup! 

The AQUA Cup intimate cup is always in its place when its presenceyou also don't feel like it's a tampon.

The easiest for you this is how you can check ityour cervix!

Would you like to read more about   sizes and aspects of size selection?

Photos  about the length of the AQUA Cup: 
Photos  about the diameter of the Aqua Cup,
and its capacity:
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