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...But how do you clean the Aqua Cup menstrual cup if there is no water tap nearby?


(in public toilets, malls, workplace public toilets, etc.)

The  AQUA Cup menstrual cup is almost"as a capsule"it holds the menstrual blood, so it does not come into contact with the vaginal wall. The one in the chalicegentle vacuum also excludes air, therefore  the chalicenfor a very long timewithout danger  you can stay insidein the vagina.


Another virtue is that does not absorb anything,it just "collects" so it doesn't dry out the vagina.It doesn't get soaked for long hours, it doesn't fall apart! It leaves no synthetic fiber residuein the vagina like a tampon.


The menstrual cupFrom 4 to 10-12 hours safely you can wait until you are comfortable, in calm conditionsyou clean it at home.


Be anywhere or do anything.


Cup with wipes .png

If you can't wait until you get home andyou are forced to clean your cup in a public place, no problem!



Although you might find it hard to believe at first, you can actually do it without water with a little routine it's all a few quick moves.

Be sure to wash your hands before going to the toilet,  or usedisinfectant gel or clothto clean your hands!


After exception lower the chalice carefully vertically into your palm. Simply cram a portion of toilet paper into the cup. With thisless "bloodbath-dangerous"and you can completely drink all the blood from himand moisture.


When it's dry, also wipe it with a lactic acid intimate tissuethe cup - for the experience of complete refreshment!


THEvacuum retaining holesfold the cup directly with two fingers, then press the corner of the wipe into the silicone holes on both sides with your fingernail. It will be perfectly clean there too!


After putting it back in, you can even refresh yourself with an intimate cloth. It is worth after putting on the Aqua Cup menstrual cup to wipe the vaginal entrance with an intimate tissue in a deep circle once more, that no blood remains on the vaginal wall, which may later land on the underwear. Perfect refreshment and a clean dry feeling are then guaranteed even on the hardest days!

In contrast to toilet paper, throw the cleaning cloth in the trash, because even the cloths that are said to be biodegradable can easily cause blockages in narrower toilet drains!

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