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How to change and dispose used pads?

Correctly replacing and disposing used pads is just as important as what pad you use!

Follow these steps:

Throw the used pad in the trash bin!


Wash your hands!
Stick the new pad in your panties!


If you wrap the used insert in the packaging of the new one:

less odor is produced - so the bin will have less unpleasant smells and
keeps the pad's content on the inside - keeps the bin more hygienic this way.


Remove the used pad from your panties!


Wash your hand!


Roll it up with the bloody side facing inwards!



Unfold the new pad!


Wrap up the old pad in the package of the new one!
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DO NOT throw it to the drain!


DO NOT throw it in the toilet!


- intimate pads that are accidentally dropped in the toilet and flushed will clog the narrow-throated drains!

Don't cause damage accidentally!

Just throw it in the trash, especially in public toilets!


DO NOT put it in the washing machine!


- make sure that after a tiring day or a party, when you fall into bed and kick off your panties, the pad does not remain inside your underwear and you do not throw it accidentally in the washing machine the next day


DO NOT hand wash it!


- because it is only a one-time use pad!


- if you want a reusable pad, we have a special offer for that:


DO NOT burn it!


- the harmful gases emitted during combustion can affect the environment and the human body

DO NOT do these things :

Being aware of what should and should not be done when replacing the used pad is very important from both environmental protection and hygiene point of view!

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