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How to clean it:

Before the very first use - just like e.g. a pacifier -decontaminate by boiling! Put a small foot in boiling hot water for 7-10 minutes.


If you don't have a kettle for this, simply fill one halfway with clean watermug,and push the menstrual cup under the water.


Bring to a boilin microin a few minutes. Chemicals are not absolutely necessary.The ancient germicidal power of clean, boiling water leaves no chemical residue,and disinfects perfectly.

When you are done sterilizing,cool the glass with cold water, and you can use it right away!


Tip: Do not air dry becauseif the tap water is harder, limescale can sit on the silicone.



Ifdisinfect after the last use,dry it with a towel and put it in its small bag.


Worthafter last use ratheronly with soap and waterwash thoroughly, and then only anext menstruation cook before, since when the period is over, the menstrual cup will be waiting for a month anyway in its small breathable bag on the bathroom shelf. Obviously it won't be sterile when you take it out again. 

With a little routine, you will see that actuallyit is enough to boil the cup every few months,


because one combined with thorough hand washing with lukewarm or warm soapy water can be perfectly cleaned.


Lather the soap/intimate cleanser on it, then rinse it off. This is the cleaningmaximally removes all impurities from it


And the "residue" with an insignificant number of bacteria, which may be on the surface of the cup due to the lack of sterilization,treats the acidic vaginal flora.This little "work" is even good for him.

Themedically tested siliconeraw materialBacteria cannot multiply on the surface of the Aqua Cup menstrual cup. The greatest feature of silicone is thatbacteria resistant that is, it is also resistant to bacteria and water-repellent.


It can be safely inside the vagina for up to 10-12 hours continuously, because of the blood collected in itit doesn't smell bad even after half a day

TIP: if you don't wipe it dry, you can put the wet silicone menstrual cup back even easier!

MISCONCEPTIONthat vagina is a sterile place! Many strains of bacteria live there, which is why the environment is slightly acidic.


The vagina builds its own acid mantle against the harmful bacteria that enter, which practically "self cleaningt" finishes.


Products (tampons, sponges) can be very harmful.which absorb or remove this protective acid and mucus mantle, as they can dry out the vagina and even leave lint and synthetic fibers in it, which provides an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. For this reason, a vaginal yeast infection can be picked up much sooner with a tampon. Unfortunately, tampon advertisements are not about this.

The Aqua Cup is a medical silicone menstrual intimate cupprotects the vagina by not absorbing the precious acid mantle,she lets it "work" along with some blood clots in the vaginal folds. That's why it's worth rinsing every intimate cupwith an intimate lactic acid wipealso clean the area around the vaginal opening after putting the cup back on.

Because of the self-protective acid mantle of the vaginaIt is NOT necessary to constantly sterilize the menstrual cup.

What goes into a healthy vagina is enough,if "only" clean enough.(by the way: e.g. we don't do a surgical wash before making love, do we? ;)

a hüvely miért nem steril

Don't forget: Washing your hands with soap also plays the biggest role in protecting against viruses. It is no different when cleaning the menstrual cup.


Ifyou are susceptible to infections, or your immune system is weaker, then naturally disinfect the intimate area as often as you like.


THEyou can repeat the boiling at any time.

Soap Dispenser Bottle

If you are done with thorough soapy rinsing, insert it again the menstrual cup into the vagina!

TIP:Since the menstrual cup only collects blood and does not absorb anything, therefore blood residues stuck in the folds of the vaginal wall worth with an intimate lactic acid wipe wipe in a deeper circleat the vagina entrance around the tip of the cup, already after you put the cup back on, so that they don't land on your underwear later.



These blood remains they cannot be removed with a simple butt wipe, as the folds are inside the vaginal opening around the calyx.


If you wipe after putting it back, thenthere will be no smudging that looks like a leak lateron the underwear, and the lactic acid cloth also provides a very pleasant, clean, refreshed feeling.

When the period is over,wash itdry with a towelandput it in the bathroom cabinet into his bag your menstrual cup.

There you will safely wait for your next period! ;) 

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