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Poppy Pads matrica.png

For waste-free menstruation

25x17 cm, patented washable fabric insert;

Set of 5;

from the most modern materials: 

  • bamboo carbon fiberupper layer,

  • microfiberinternal absorbent layer,

  • PUL waterproof bottom pattern layer;

by a hand wash with cold water and soap, it can be rinsed clean;

 twistable material to semi-dry;

fluffy, greyish black, breathable top

bamboo carbon fiber

moisture wicking layer;

less sweating, drier comfort
microfiber inner absorbent layer - medium -most effective for normal bleeding;
PUL bottom waterproof layer -for greater protection of the underwear
PUL bottom waterproof layer -for greater protection of the underwear

Do for the Earth
and be you too
a Poppy Girl!

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bag icon2.png

Folded into a very small form: the used insert fits in a case, holder or plastic bag;


This way it leaves your bag odourless


waits until your first quaick handwash  at home with cold (!) soapy water, (the blood comes out the easiest way without a stain.) Then you can even use a little hot water. 


No need to throw it away: it's like your best dress. You can use it more than once. No plastic,   environmentally polluting waste is thrown away with it;

earth icon.png

don't use more water or more chemicals: the pad can be rinsed stain-free in one hand wash with soap and dries very quickly. 

How to change in a public place, in a dull toilet?

Fold in the lower and upper halves of the used pad- with the showy part inwards;
Fold the wings over it, and press the snap fasteners in the middle on the top
and get this cube shape!


You said:

Just a quick rinse with soap and cold water, a few hours of drying on the heater, and you can use it again!
You can wash it in the washing machine together with the colorful clothes!

You can get it a 

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in webshops and stores!

Click on the picture and learn about the Poppys' story!

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Let softness of the bamboo plush pamper you on those days!

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