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Privacy notice website managed by Denticare-Gate Kft. (hereinafter "Data Controller").
(hereinafter "the website") is respected by the people visiting the website
your rights to personal data. The current Hungarian and EU laws apply
based on its provisions, your data required for contacting us on the website
by entering and with your separately expressed consents, you approve that your data is
Data controller as necessary, within the framework of contact with you, in accordance with the referenced legislation
used in compliance with regulations.

Registration numbers of our data management: NAIH-117725/2017; NAIH-122608/2017

We draw your attention to the fact that if you are over 14 years of age, your data is disclosed
voluntary. If you are under the age of 14, you can only sign up with separate parental consent.
which you must send us in writing in advance by official e-mail or letter
to our address.


You are entitled to request information about data management at any time, and you can do so at any time
request the data stored about you, and you can also request the correction or deletion of your stored data
in a letter sent to the Data Controller Újlengyel, Határ út 12, or to,
or by email to

Fill out the newsletter subscription form only if this is required by this data management
statement, you have read it in advance, understood it, and expressly accept what is written here,
and you also consent to it being promotional or informative in the future
send e-mails. When filling out the registration form, a name and an email
you must provide an address that we can use to reach you electronically.

In addition, since we mainly send information about our products in a newsletter, that is why it is successful
to register, you must also check the two checkboxes below the form:

• By ticking the first checkbox, you express that you have read, understood and
you obligatorily accept the contents of this declaration.

• By ticking the second check box, you agree that in the future
an electronic newsletter on various women's topics, or about our products, that is
send a promotional digital direct marketing offer about their current promotions
to the e-mail address you provided during registration.

• By accepting the data management statement, you also consent to the fact that
the Data Controller may participate in a prize game whose prize is
product sample or other prize, you should send the prize you won by post
to a mailing address that can be provided upon special request.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter flow at any time later.

The purpose of data management is to ensure that between you as a user and us as a Data Controller
contact should be continuous. Your data provided to us is subject to purpose,
we only store it during and for the purpose of contact.
Legal force
This Privacy Statement is the registration form of the website
filler, as well as in all further data collection related to the Biointimo brand (e.g.:
facebook interested search ads, google forms, etc.) of the data of the participating persons
determines its treatment.

For data management by the Data Controller On the right to self-determination of information and the
CXII of 2011 on freedom of information. of law (hereinafter: Info tv.)
corresponding data management rules apply, and data management is covered by the 2018
European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective from May 25 (EU)
also Decree 2016/679.

Mandatory elements of data management:

1. Name, official address, company register number of the data controller:
Name of data controller: Denticare-Gate Kft.
Address: 2724 Újlengyel, Határ út 12,
represented by: managing director Maia Davidson,
tax number: 24662992-2-13;
company register number: 13-09-165156) as (hereinafter: Data Controller)
official sending address:

2.) Data of data processors and assistants:
When you register on the website, your data is stored by the storage operator
They run on the servers of the website and are automatically stored there.
Operator name: LTD; tax number: VAT ID: EU442008451
Address: PO Box 40190 San Francisco, CA United States;
Its privacy policy:
Our other partners acting in data management on whose platform data as Data Manager
we can collect, cloud-based service providers, such as video sharing sites, social networking sites, (e.g and and their products involved in data management.
1.) Operator name: Facebook Ireland Limited
Address: 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour
Dublin 2, Ireland
tax number: VAT Reg. No. IE9692928F
Privacy Policy:
2.) Operator name: Google LLC (“Google”)
Address: 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States of America.
Privacy policy:
3.) Operator: TYPEFORM SL
Address: Carrer Bac de Roda, 163, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
tax number: B65831836,
Privacy Policy:

Data management method and data transmission
By approving this policy, you accept that your data is internal to the websites listed above
according to its description, it can also be managed in cloud-based applications, - where this arises or is necessary, -
and we can document it by saving it on our own computer. Since the newsletter
cloud-based newsletter sender built into our website for subscribing and sending newsletters
application ( is used in rain queue, therefore the
we can also use your data stored on our website's servers from the cloud. You accept that your data
primarily managed directly in the cloud.
If you subscribe to us, you accept that your data will be used by us and
it is not necessary to download them for its management.
Of course, at your request, we will download your data and store it in the cloud for management
a copy will be issued to you within 30 days of submitting the application.
Your data - if you request this from us separately - from the management interfaces of the websites indicated above is there
based on the given descriptions, we will export it and forward it to you, or to you, or as specified by you 3.
to person(s). We must do so even if the authority requests this based on a legal obligation
from U.S.
3.) Purposes and duration of data management:
Purposes of data management:
1. Sending information through newsletters: women's topics and menstruation
related points of interest;
2. promotional information about our product promotions and new products, product-specific
articles, blog posts or interviews with partners;
3. product sample and other prizes, also for promotional purposes
to send out.
We will not use your personal data for purposes other than our operation.
Disclosure of your personal data to third parties or authorities - unless
otherwise, the law does not have binding force - only your prior, express consent
possible, and if necessary, your separate consent by electronic mail
we ask you.
However, we are not responsible for the authenticity of the data you provide
we undertake. Only the person providing them is responsible for the authenticity of the personal data provided, i.e
You as the user are responsible. When entering your e-mail address, you are also solely responsible
you undertake that the e-mail address provided is yours alone and only you will buy it
use our newsletter service, and that the data provided does not belong to someone else.
In view of the assumption of responsibility, arising in connection with a specified e-mail address
all responsibility rests solely with the user who provided the e-mail address
Duration of data management:
We process your data for an indefinite period of time, i.e. until
• You do not withdraw your consent based on your own decision, or until
• request the deletion or correction of your data, or until
• the processing of your data becomes redundant for some reason.
The possible range of personal data subject to data management:

When you register with us, we typically only ask for these two pieces of data for contact:
Own working e-mail address
We can also request this additional data, if it is a current prize draw,
promotional invitation or sending out product samples related to partnership cooperation
City of residence
Phone number
Mailing address,
Billing address,
ID of ordered package,
Sweepstakes ID
Promotional code
Data management processes:
The most basic and most common data processing we do is on our website
management, download and use of data from newsletter subscriptions, primarily and
almost exclusively for sending electronic newsletters.
Continuous data collected through the systems of social networking sites is considered data management
downloading, saving, and also uploading the existing newsletter to databases. When on social media
collect data, we will make clear to you the purpose of data collection and the data manager
The newsletter subscription process is as follows:
Technically recorded data during the operation of the website: the relevant subscriber
the data of your computer that is generated during registration and which it
the newsletter sending application system built into the website of the data controller is the technical processes
automatically records as a result. Personal data recorded automatically
(that is, the name and e-mail address) of the system only for the separate consents of the subject concerned
(that is, the one who approves the subscription to the newsletter by ticking the checkbox and these regulations
by ticking the acceptance box) is automatically logged by registering. On this
data with other personal user data - except in cases made mandatory by law
- cannot be connected. The data is exclusively owned by the data manager and the owners of the servers
they have access to.
3. Application of cookies:
The data manager is small on the user's computer in order to provide customized service
data package, so-called places a cookie and reads back. If the browser returns a
previously saved cookie, the cookie management service provider has the option to connect the
user's current visit with the previous ones, but only with regard to its own content. THE
the user can delete cookies from his computer or disable cookies in his browser
its application. Cookies are usually managed in the Tools/Settings menu of browsers
Under data protection settings, it is possible to name cookies.


4. Legal basis for data management,

Continuous data collection, processing, processing and storage is necessary because it is
The data controller has a legitimate interest in contacting potential customers and
provide them with appropriate information about the products. It is also important that the Data Controller
build a community, to build the good reputation of the Biointimo brand, to build business-partnership relationships
create communication synergies by building (e.g. a joint prize draw with a partner), and
with this, the Data Controller strengthens its own market position.
Data processing is only voluntary, based on adequate prior information
may take place based on your consent. By doing so, you agree and expressly consent
you give to the Data Controller so that your personal data provided during the subscription to the newsletter
be handled and used.
The legal basis for data management is the right to self-determination of information and freedom of information
CXII of 2011 TV. (Infotv.) Section 5 (1) According to point a), the person concerned is a volunteer
contribution. Consent regarding individual data management or individual websites
using it or by contacting the data manager, but it is definitely the one in question
you provide it by voluntarily entering data. According to the GDPR regulation, we can only handle it
your data if you voluntarily and specifically agree to be a Data Controller in the future
send you newsletters, and you expressly declare that you have read them,
you have understood and agree to this data management policy

5. Duration of data management, data storage, data deletion:
Management of the personal data required to be provided during the subscription to the newsletter a
it starts with contact and lasts until the data is deleted.
The data downloaded to the Data Controller's computer is continuously collected by the previous download
from the time until the time of the next download in an indicated, serially numbered file. Data management
takes place in the cloud, therefore saving data is considered data storage.
If you request the deletion or correction of your data, it will all be done by the own data storage
deleted or modified in our register and in the data management cloud.
6. The range of persons familiar with the data, data transfer, data processing:
The employees of the Data Controller are primarily entitled to know and handle your data
They cannot be forwarded to third parties at your request or express consent
without. An exception to this is when data transmission is absolutely necessary in a given situation
necessary, or when this is required by the compelling legitimate interests of the Data Controller (e.g. conflict of interest,
litigation or official matter) or when you, as an affected person, would also expect this from the Data Controller (e.g.
if you just became the winner of a Facebook prize game, then you as well as the community
would like to find out publicly) In such cases, the Data Controller makes sure that
to publish only the minimal data that is sufficient for the question
person, where applicable, for your identification.
Operation of the IT system, fulfillment of any orders, or accounting
within the scope of its arrangement, the Data Controller may use external persons for data management or
for processing. Data controller for the data management practices of such external contributors
assumes no responsibility. Transfer of your personal data to third parties
for its targeted transmission and use as required by the relevant legislation
case, or based on your consent, or if this is a legitimate interest
required based on
We do not forward your data to third parties for their advertising purposes, they are exclusively our own
for our purposes, we may forward it to third contributing parties. However, it is important to
social media sites to which we do not forward are also considered such contributors,

but from whom the data may come, because primary data collection is carried out a
for us as for the Data Controller. (e.g. interested search forms)
7. User rights and legal enforcement options:
At any time, you have the right to request information from the Data Controller regarding the data it manages
about personal data, and you can also modify or correct them at any time
you can have them deleted. You can object to data processing. The Data Controller at your request
provides information about the data it manages concerning you, the purpose and legal basis of the data management,
duration, as well as who receives or has received your data and for what purpose
The data controller shall provide the requested information in writing within 30 days of the submission of the request
information for you. You are entitled to delete your incorrectly recorded data at any time
to ask. The data controller will delete the data within 3 working days of receiving the request
in this case, they will not be recoverable. The deletion is not covered by the law (e.g.
for data processing required under accounting regulations), the data controller is required
for a period of time, as well as your data, which the Data Controller
he is forced to keep it for a compelling reason or due to his legitimate interest.
Validate the claim: The relevant legislation, especially the Infotv., as well as the Civic
Based on the Code of Law (Act V of 2013), you can enforce your rights in court, and a
The Data Controller can contact the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH).
in the event of a complaint regarding its data management practices.
If the newsletter is provided during subscription or by any other Data Controller
in the case of a service or provided product/product sample, it belongs to you
during contact, a third party either intentionally provides untrue data, or a
causes damage in any way during the use of websites or websites, the Data Controller
is entitled to claim compensation against you. In this case, the data controller is everything
will provide all possible assistance to the acting authorities in the identity of the person violating the law
for the purpose of establishing.
8. Use of e-mail addresses:
The data controller pays special attention to the use of the electronic mail addresses it manages
legality, so they are used only in the manner specified below
during contact.
The management of e-mail addresses is mainly your identification and the one sent to you
in addition to newsletters and promotional clú announcements, the communication of questions arising from you and
it also serves to answer them during contact, so emails are sent primarily for these purposes
to send.
9. Other provisions:
The data controller's computer system may collect data about your activities, which it does not
they can be linked to other data you provided when contacting us, or anything else
with data generated when using websites or services.
In all cases, if the Data Controller uses your provided data from the purpose of the original data collection
intends to use it for a different purpose, informs you about this and provides you with the opportunity to
prohibit the use. The data controller undertakes to take care of the data
about its security, and also takes the technical measures that ensure that a
recorded, stored and managed data are protected, and will do everything in its power
in order to prevent their destruction and unauthorized access,
use and unauthorized modification. Contributing persons performing data collection
however, for their activities and unexpected events occurring in their systems

cannot and does not assume any responsibility.
The data manager reserves the right to modify this policy with prior notice to users
change it unilaterally.

Expressed after the entry into force of the relevant rules of the GDPR on May 25, 2018
by consenting and subscribing to the newsletter, you fully accept the above amended

Dated, Budapest, May 24, 2018.

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