What is ANION?



fights bacteria and free radicals 

neutralizes odours

without added fragrances

present everywhere in our environment


Anion in the nature 


The anion is a negatively charged atomic component in the air, more or less present everywhere in natural environments.


Under normal conditions the air's molecules are neutral, while under certain circumstances sources of ionization become active, e.g. in the natural world due to lightning. In such situations the energy's effects make some molecules loose a few electrons from among those orbiting around the atom's nucleus.


Such released free electrons are negatively charged and eventually may be attached to other neutral air molecules.

This is how an extremely negative-charged anion comes about.



Beneficial effects of anion:


  • With its negative charge, it can neutralize the positively charged free radicals that are harmful to our health and body.

  • It helps reduce effects leading to the emergence of different health problems.

  • thwart the propagation of bacteria, reduce the production of unpleasant odours, and thus help to improve our comfort and well-being.

  • The more time we spend in natural environments, in the open air, the more anions have their positive effects on our system.


neutralizes harmful free radicals and cuts back on the multiplication of bacteria

Effects of harmful positively-charged free radicals:


If our environment happens to be heavily contaminated (such as the surface of a conventional liner or pad soaked by decomposing blood), the ratio of positive ions is much higher than that of the anions.

The positively charged particles are repeatedly in collision, due to the Brow-movement, which leads to the formation of even larger particles. The number of larger, "overweight" positively charged particles grows, the number of anions falls back, the balance of ions breaks down.


If said harmful free radicals are increasingly present, e.g. in the air, we start to feel uncomfortable, get a headache and start to suffer from stress and tensions.


What causes the excessive presence of free radicals?


  • Air pollution

  • oxidation processes (e.g. decomposition of organic materials, clotting of blood)

  • too much artificial light,

  • a steady radiation coming from electric appliances




prevents the rapid development of unpleasant odours

The negatively charged anions contained in the anion-chip inlaid in each Biointimo sanitary pads shall bring about a strong effect to attract and absorb.

They are attracting and neutralizing the harmful positively charged particles with their free radicals generated during the process of blood decomposition.

It is proven that due to this haemolytic effect (that accelerates blood decomposition) a "self-cleaning" zone is  created on the pads' surface.

By this haemolytic effect, less decomposed particles participate in the decomposition of blood on the pads' surface. Less nurturing "soil" is available to a rapid multiplication of the bacteria.

Biointimo sanitary pads with anion also have an antimicrobial effect. It is proven by laboratory,  that the number of bacteria is being reduced and that unpleasant odours are getting neutralized by this effect.