You have your own.

As a girl or a lady, you get it over and over again in every month.

Somebody hardly notices, but it can be a torture for others. 

One thing is common:  we need something to get it through with.

The drier, cleaner feeling can now be a brand new experience,

if you use these sanitary pads during your period:



We all know the feeling, when you want to spend your whole day in the pool in summer. Also how you sweat when you do your best in sports!

But your period doesn't care about these things. 

Not like us! Your confidence and safety is all we care about! 

If you use Aqua-Tampon menstrual cup, - made from laboratory tested medical silicone - you won't even notice you're having period when hitting the pool or doing sports.

2365 x2365 px AT2.png


There can be hard times at your period.

Having cramps, feeling down, and when you are cold. 

You would stay in bed all day long, but you can't do this on a busy day.

This is when a super thin, hot friend comes to help you!


Graceful refreshment anytime

Here comes a new trip, a new adventure!

The euphoria fills the air.

The wilder the landscape, the more exciting will be the trip!

At festivals, on nature-trips, at campings where water is out of reach, Ladies Tissues always bring you some juicy peach intimate freshness!


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