How to clean it ?



  • Before the first use of this tampon, sterilization in boiling water is recommended, just like when using a baby's pacifier. Put it in a small pot of boiling water for 7 to 10 minutes.


  • For any additional use, you can clean it thoroughly with your handwash. Use hands and rinse it with lukewarm or hot water,. Let the soap's remnants foam and rinse.. 

  • HINT: if not wiped dry, the wet silicon tampon may be inserted more easily!


  • MYTH:  Many believes that the vagina is a sterile organ. That's not true. Many strains of bacteria dwell there, producing a slightly acidic environment. To fight the harmful bacteria entering the vagina it produces its own acid mantle which is a practical form of self-defense and cleaning. What may enter a healthy vagina, should thus be sufficiently clean and pure. The slippery silicon surface of the cup tampon is sufficiently cleaned if washed by hand and using the soap.

  • Decontamination by boiling water of course may be repeated any time as You like.



  • HINT: As this tampon does not absorb anything, after re-inserting the tampon into the vagina (5 to 10 seconds) remove the coagulated blood from the furrowed walls of the vagina by using toilet paper or an intimate wet wipe with lactic acid. Wipe and clean the vagina wall around the bottom-tip of the cup tampon, and at the vagina's entrance, wiping as deep as practical. This shall prevent staining of the underwear. Doing so, You shall feel quite relaxed and clean and very refreshed. And You may be sure that Your flow is under full control.


  • When Your period ends, wash the tampon, wipe dry with a towel and store Your cup tampon in the bathroom's shelf, placed in its sachet. There "she" shall wait until its her turn again at Your next menses. :)